Quality Assurance
We guarantee that we will use only high quality and proven materials for all steps of the processing starting from model making. We make a specific declaration here that all materials used by us are of International Quality and are CE Certified products only.

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  • Metal Free Ceramics
  • Metal Ceramics
  • Facing Ceramics
  • Vitalium Facing & Metal Crown
  • Super Plast Classical Denture

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A Central Sterilization Unit- Our dental units, equipment and instruments are maintained and sterilized according to American Dental Association (ADA) specifications. Use of disposables in many areas. Click Here
Welcome to Surya Dental Lab
Greetings from Surya Dental Lab, we extend a very warm welcome to our dental lab.
We thank you for choosing us as your preferred dental lab and oral health provider.
It is our desire to provide you dental care that can enhance the quality of your life, Keeping in mind that oral health reflects general health our vision is to promote dental wellness a concept which we aim to achieve through delivering high quality dental lab specialist dental care in and around tamilnadu with emphasis on integrated, comprehensive and inter disciplinary approach to dental health needs.